Dev Log #21 Lots of news and a new ally

Meet Frédéric Bertrand-Hudon, our new concept artist that joined our team for an internship.He has an amazing portfolio you can go check out (His Twitter : and his art station: here is a few great concepts he made for us so far :D. We are very grateful for his help to get someContinue reading “Dev Log #21 Lots of news and a new ally”

Dev Log #20 Alive for a new year! :D

Hi everyone! We are here back in action for another great year to come. 1- We have reached our first goal of 100 followers on twitter ! Thank you all for the amazing support 🙂 . We aim to reach the metroidvania fanbase to build a strong community around our game Soul Cipher: The CodeContinue reading “Dev Log #20 Alive for a new year! :D”

Dev log #19 Soul Cipher is live on Kickstarter !

The time is here fellow robots ! Soul Cipher is now live on Kickstarter !!! After many restless hours of hard work, it was time for us to take the leap and launch our campaign. Soul Cipher: the Code Within awaits. Will you answer the call ? We thank you all once again for yourContinue reading “Dev log #19 Soul Cipher is live on Kickstarter !”

Dev log #18 New Kickstarter trailer

After weeks of hard work and late hours, we are proud to present to you our new teaser trailer for our metroidvania game Soul Cipher: The Code Within! We hope this little treat gets you hyped up for the Kickstarter campaign. With this good news comes another one: now that the teaser is done, thereContinue reading “Dev log #18 New Kickstarter trailer”

Dev log #17 New teaser approaching

Fellow Robots! We wanted to take a few minutes out of our busy schedule to reassure you that the project is still alive and that we are still hard at work on the final prep to launch our Kickstarter campaign for our upcoming metroidvania game: SoulCipher:The Code Within. Thank you all for your patience andContinue reading “Dev log #17 New teaser approaching”

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