Dev log #19 Soul Cipher is live on Kickstarter !

The time is here fellow robots ! Soul Cipher is now live on Kickstarter !!! After many restless hours of hard work, it was time for us to take the leap and launch our campaign. Soul Cipher: the Code Within awaits. Will you answer the call ? We thank you all once again for yourContinue reading “Dev log #19 Soul Cipher is live on Kickstarter !”

Dev log #18 New Kickstarter trailer

After weeks of hard work and late hours, we are proud to present to you our new teaser trailer for our metroidvania game Soul Cipher: The Code Within! We hope this little treat gets you hyped up for the Kickstarter campaign. With this good news comes another one: now that the teaser is done, thereContinue reading “Dev log #18 New Kickstarter trailer”

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